A Stress-Free
Way To Financial

Pesewaz helps you achieve your financial goals 2x
faster by leveraging on the power of automation and reward programs.

What We’ll Help You With

Debt Payment

Pay off your debt faster and cheaper without
noticing. Enhance your credit score.


Save easily towards a goal with the help of
automation. Unlock amazing rewards.

Explore Our
Amazing Features

Smart Deduction

Pesewaz automatically contributes GHS 1 towards your financial goal once a minimum purchase limit of GHS 50 is hit by the user. Spend more, save more

Smart Spender

Get periodic tips and insights on your spending areas and build habits to help you achieve your financial goal.

Smart Score

Build your credit score in the process through your healthy financial habits. We will partner with financial institutions to use your credit score to your advantage

Loyalty Rewards

Get instant cash back anytime you shop from our partner merchants. This cashback helps you save and pay your debt faster!

How It Works

Achieve your financial goals in 3 easy steps:

1. Create a goal:

Set your debt or savings goal

2. Choose automated savings plan:

Select from a wide range of flexible automated
savings that meets your needs: smart deduction,
weekly withdrawals or salary deduction.

3. Securely link your account:

Tell us how you want your money to be
transferred whether by bank or mobile
money debits. Sit back and track your progress.

And Don’t Stop There…

Invite your friends and loved ones to make direct contributions to your debt or savings
goals through our Share a Goal feature. Leverage on gift money to reach your financial
goals easily through the power of community.

Why Us?

Easy Setup

In a few steps and a matter of minutes, set up an account to manage your debts and savings. It’s that simple.


Work your way towards financial freedom in a hassle-free manner using our all-in-one application. No stress.


We use bank-level security to protect your data and money. 256-bit encryption, and allow two-factor authentication for added security.

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